Cat cleavage denial

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Something very wrong

Something very wrong

Another perplexed Raveler picks Gerty’s woolly brains.
Dear Aunty Gerty
Welcome to Stitch and Bitch London.
I am worried that people thing I am my Ravatar and actually do have Miss kitty Woo living in my chest – how can I convince them otherwise?

Ah Miss Woo, you could let the cat out of the cag(ool), and stop taking Miss kitty  Woo out zipped up in your jumper.

Or embrace the look and get a paper mask to look like your avatar. You never know, you could start a trend. Soon tottering supermodels and stumbling drug-addled big-haired stars would be tottering down the catwalk and falling out of limos with a moggie welded to their chests in vain attempt to get the ‘cat escaping from cleavage look’.

Incogknito yarn

Incogknito yarn

P.S. Are you related to Robin the giant ball of DK perchance?

We don’t talk about that side of the family.

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